“Don’t waste my time, don’t mess with me, I am a magician, if you doubt me, I’ll put a spell on you”

Here’s another version
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I participated on Cabalsea’s [Facebook Cover Design Event]
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I just met Yise in person on Monday,during a Wesak Day Countdown Party.
She was kind,friendly and down to earth.

I must say her live-singing is so beautiful.
I accidentally discovered her old song 来不及 is the melody I have been searching for so long.A song that I have been humming without knowing its name.

So yeah, just made this for my laptop wallpaper.

Have been experimentating shader with some typeface.
You can play this as well !

Regrets over Decision Making Survey

Hello,Can you answer my survey?
for my Design Studies 5.
Into developing my final year projects.

Many Thanks.

This is my latest cover after being inspired by http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NjjYVROiJIA

"Be a shepherd not a sheep"
You are the only one can determine your own fate.

It just combination of multiple wallpapers from internet.

仅剩的相关 由我记得
要把回忆撑开看 需要多勇敢
拥抱所有温暖 就像当时情景
一样没变 一样快乐

if that promise is not making me happy anymore,then why should I keep it?

One of my personal Project.
A Collaboration work with Madeline Tan.

My ever-evolution of being a designer.

This is the simple E-Greetings animation I did for my internship company.
I have gone through main changes for this very 8 sec such as the red tone, the choice of typography,the fade in company’s logo,the greetings lines of words which changed due to another comments that came in lately.
 I’m the only person in the company who knows After Effects as it was a Graphic Design company mainly expertise in printing material.I’m happy for this simple task handled over to me completely.

Happy Chinese New Year 2014!

I could find one good “How I Live Now” poster for facebook timeline.
So i took snapshots from the movie and make one instead.
A customize profile picture to link the timeline as a whole.

My wish : I want to meet Saoirse Ronan one day.

PSA Violence Against Women

Shoot /Edit in 48 hours.
Advertising  Class Final Assignments.

I actually came from a long way before reaching the final stage of producing the final piece of flash game.
I’m very disappointing this time as well for i have great ideas and concept of the game play yet still fail to deliver as results of poor management of time.
From the very beginning, i have put in the effort of developing the prototypes files of game play,constantly meeting Sir for some bug fix,code analysis every Monday morning 10am.This was a special class set up by Sir for 3 repeat Student like me.

I really believe i could nail it this time,yet i still ruined the chance.I felt sorry and sad for myself.Such great ideas just vanished because i dont have time to fully developed it.If i could really blame for something, i would say i spend too much time on editing the PSA video&Postal for Advertising Class because my teammates do shit work.I couldn’t trust them and so i do it myself.
In result, i have too less time for my game design.Maybe i should leave the adverting work to my team to manage,since i have done my part so much already and present shit work to lecture? I just couldn’t let this happen.Some people are okay with average shit work, but i don’t.
Thats the difference.

This is the Game Design Documents.